Frequently Asked Questions

For questions not mentioned below, you can contact us directly by email:

As of now, our Acer Trader robots are currently designed for MetaTrader 5 platform only. However, we do plan to develop MetaTrader 4 versions in the future.

We have optimized our robots to trade specific symbols. Our preset files are also labeled for those symbols. However, after purchasing our robots, feel free to optimize the settings and back test on any other symbol at your own discretion.

Our robots will automatically trade as long as your trading terminal is open. However, if you want it to trade without your PC running 24/7, you will need to set up a VPS (Virtual Private Server). You can do this by using any VPS service, or by purchasing the basic VPS service on the MQL5 market. Please check our discord for more information after purchasing the EA.

Due to our advanced entry strategies of each of our trading robots, our signals tend to be less frequent while prioritizing precision above overtrading. The number of signals may vary anywhere between 0 – 10+ trades per week, depending on market conditions. If you are seeking the day to day thrills of trading, then this signals strategy isn’t for you. Patience and precision is key.

We use strict multi-step algorithms to help determine the most optimal trades possible. Combining seasoned technical analysis with long term institutional concepts, our strategy seeks to identify where big money is flowing, whether it be for trending markets or ranging markets.

It depends on the trade conditions as well as the specific algorithm that is trading, but our trades tend to be day trades and above, holding anywhere from several minutes, to a week or more.

Our indicators are charting tools used to fine tune your trading strategy. They are programmed to be used on the MetaTrader 4 & MetaTrader 5 platforms. 

Acer SSI tool is an advanced “Speculative Sentiment Index” indicator used to gauge the overall market sentiment. It helps give insight into where any market stands in terms of LONGS vs. SHORTS.

Acer PA tool is an extensive price action pattern indicator used to help visualize your trading ideas better. It will highlight patterns that it picks up such as: HARAMI, ENGULFING patterns, and more. 

Acer MA is a slight variation of the moving average indicator. It also applies regression periods to help indicate potential ending of trends. 

Acer SMC is an indicator based on the highly acclaimed Smart Money Concept trading ideas. It highlights essential institutional levels on your chart to help you find potential trading entries.

Acer Institution is an indicator that helps identify major price zones that institutions and market makers may be interested in trading. These are also known as psychological price zones.

Acer Pivot is an indicator that draws potential pivot levels for you. Pivots are very useful in helping identify potential reversal areas.

Remember, indicators are simply tools used to help develop your trading strategy. They are no means a one-size-fits-all method used to trade, and you should always use your due diligence when selecting trade entries.

There are optional stop loss settings in each of our robots software. We apply both stop losses and averaging strategies to our trades, but it may depend on the specific robot that is currently trading as well as the current market conditions.

After purchasing any product/software from our website, you will still need a license key in order to use it. Every purchase comes with an “access instructions” file that provides details on obtaining your license key.

  1. After purchase, email us at or submit a ticket in our discord providing your order number as well as MT5 account number (the account you’d like to use our software on).
  2. After confirmation, we will provide you with a license key for the account of your choosing.