Our business was created to form a community of like minded traders across the globe – with the goal of helping one another reach financial freedom. The trading markets is a highly competitive industry, so our aim is to take the lead. With our membership comes exclusive access to all of our advanced indicators, private insight into our algorithms’ trades, networking opportunities, and more.


Our automated trading robot is a highly advanced algorithm developed for MetaTrader 5 using our private trading strategies. We have back tested it over years of data across hundreds of symbols to optimize it for high probability trades. Utilizing a strict multi-step entry as well as essential risk management systems, our Acer Trader robot is a great way to increase your edge in the markets and automate your journey.


Our line of indicator tools are highly advanced variations of existing trading strategies in the market. With our collective indicator software, you can skip the whole process of manual technical analysis and have it automatically done on your chart for you. From Smart Money Concepts, Price Action candlesticks, to SSI indicators & more, start navigating the markets with our precision tools today. 


If running our algorithm isn’t for you and you’d prefer a more manual trading approach, subscribe to our membership for algorithmic signals instead. Our robot sends direct signals to our private telegram channel every time it places a trade. Elevate your own strategy with precise insights into what our algorithm is doing, so you can stay ahead of the curve, and experience the future of trading excellence.


Ask and answer questions, have open-ended conversations with like minded traders, and find resources to help you build better trading habits. Your journey begins here.

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